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Lo Sci per le persone e il pianeta. Scuola Nazionale di Sci Bormio verso la Carbon Neutral

If you care about the issue of sustainability, we give you the opportunity to ski with zero emissions by participating in a reforestation project, half of the cost of this green credit will be paid by the school. 

You will be given a card with a code that identifies the plant you bought, the same ticket you can make it flower at home.... it's a bit difficult in the snow!!! 

The credits are ISO certified, this to guarantee you security in the purchase and transparency of the project.

On this page you will find the quantities of co2 that we have helped to reabsorb together with you and the other skiers.

We have created a simple guide to behaving sustainably on the ski slopes, start following these simple rules now and continue having fun in a more sustainable way!!!

The mountains belong to everyone, it's up to us to know how to preserve them for future generations!


Schermata 2021-10-15 alle 22.20.14.png
Schermata 2021-10-15 alle 22.24.14.png

1. Carry una  in your backpackwater bottle 

During the days spent on the ski slopes, use the water bottle instead of the plastic bottle: in fact, plastic pollutes a lot and is not good for the environment.

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Schermata 2021-10-15 alle 22.24.39.png

2. Throw garbage in the bins
When you finish having a snack, between una skiing and another, remember to throw the rubbish in the bin or keep it and throw it at home: throwing handkerchiefs, waste paper or anything else on the ground is not good for nature at all.

3. Move with company

To reach the lift and go to ski lessons, ask your parents to share the journey with their classmates or take the shuttle: fewer cars on the road mean a happier planet.

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4. Pack a packed lunch that respects Nature 

When preparing your packed lunch, remember to use paper containers, cutlery and napkins instead of plastic ones. And don't forget the water bottle too!

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Schermata 2021-10-15 alle 22.25.13.png

5. Save the water

When you go to the bathroom, between skiing and a snowball fight, use as little water as possible: when washing your hands, for example, remember to turn off the tap if you don't need water.

6. Keep the slopes clean

 If you find any rubbish in the snow while skiing, collect it and recycle it in the special bin: you will help keep the slopes and the mountain clean. And nature will thank you!

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